Taco Tuesday- La Taqueria

La Taqueria
Pig, Cow, Lamb, Chicken

Quickish post.

La Taqueria has amazing tacos. From their original shop on near Gastown, they’ve opened another location last year at Cambie and Broadway as well as a food truck.

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Taco Tuesday – El Pulgarcito De America Restaurante

El Pulgarcito De America Restaurante

Putting El Pulgarcito De America Restaurante through Google Translate, it roughly comes out as The Thumb of America Restaurant. At first, I thought this was a mistranslation, but nope. Turns out that El Salvador was sometimes referred to as America’s ‘Tom Thumb’.  Learn something new everyday.

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Poutine Pizza @ Brado’s Pizza

Poutine Pizza from Brado'sI had a Saturday night to myself last weekend and like a sad bastard I decided to stay in and order a pizza, drink a little beer, and play a little GTA.

Not really feeling like Uncle Fatih’s (since I normally eat a tonnage of it weekly anyways), I decided to hit up Brado’s for their infamous Poutine Pizza.

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Taco Tuesday – The Dime’s 99¢ Tacos

The Dime Tuesday Tacos Taking a pretty literal interpretation of Taco Tuesday comes The Dime’s 99¢ Tuesday Taco special.  Forget your double layer soft corn tortillas, your pickled onions and queso fresco cheese. No, these are your Mom’s tacos.

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The Poutine Burger @ The Cannibal Cafe

Poutine Burger The Cannibal Cafe Vancouver

Or, La Burger Cannibale Poutinesca, for fancy French people

The Poutine Burger is the latest *short lived* offering from Cannibal Cafe, my favourite burger joint in Vancouver.

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Tasting Plates – East Van Edition

Tasting Plate Schedule-slightly used
Tasting Plate Schedule-slightly used

The other night, I had the pleasure of putting down a couple bucks (okay, I hit the magical ‘buy’ button on my phone) and grabbed some tix for Vancouver Foodster’s latest Tasting Plates crawl: East Van Edition (Actually, six of the seven participating restaurants were all on Commercial Drive (the one  exception being Via Tevere Pizzeria on Victoria). We had already been to most of the restaurants participating, but looking at the tasting menu involved, we thought this would be a good chance to check out some of the dishes we weren’t familiar with. Here is my very quick, brief, and poorly photographed version of the events that followed:

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