Bacon Cupcakes

Bacon Day Bacon Cupcake recipe
Excuse the poor pictures…

Tomorrow is International Bacon Day. Act Accordingly.

In a half ass attempt to celebrate, I attempted today to make Bacon Cupcakes. They may be messy and poorly formed, but I would say I succeeded.

And this is how:

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Denny’s Baconalia

Or, The First Time I ever ate at a Denny’s Sober

Having time to kill before catching Iron Man Three (which is pretty damn awesome, you should see it, and Shane Black needs to write and direct more movies thank you), we grabbed lunch at Denny’s.

“Grabbing Lunch at Denny’s” is a pretty new experience for me to be honest. In the past, the only times I’ve ever really darkened the doorstep of the bright yellow franchise was late at night/early morning after a substantial quantity of alcohol was drunk.  Denny’s, to me, was a fluorescently lit landscape of sallow, pale faced customers and sad waitresses, seen through a slowly diminishing haze of alcoholic stupor.

Yay words.

So, lunch.  We saw this sign and decided that this was going to be way to go:

Baconalia sign
Beware All Ye Who Enter…

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Street Eats- The Daily Catch

The Daily Catch

The Daily Catch is a pretty swell fish shop on Commercial Drive. They opened last year and have been the go to spot for picking up fresh sustainable ocean critters in East Van.  They also have a food truck that tends to be parked outside their shop (apparently, they were planning on being parked at Grandview Park, but there were some issues. Hopefully, those issues could be resolved soon-ish, as the park would probably be a better location for them).

As for the food:

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Bacon Bowl @ Adeline’s

Bacon Bowl at Adeline's on Commercial Drive
The Bowl is the Bacon. The Bacon is the Bowl. There is no Spoon.

I just want to say: If you’re going to have bacon, eggs, and home fries, why not add extra bacon by CONSTRUCTING THE INSTRUMENT OF DELIVERY OUT OF BACON?

It’s Genius, really. And not that fake kind of genius that Louis C.K. talks about. No. This is capital G Genius.

Adeline’s Cafe on Commercial Drive. They need no website, so check out their facebook page instead. And get a bowl made out of bacon.