Poutine Pizza @ Brado’s Pizza

Poutine Pizza from Brado'sI had a Saturday night to myself last weekend and like a sad bastard I decided to stay in and order a pizza, drink a little beer, and play a little GTA.

Not really feeling like Uncle Fatih’s (since I normally eat a tonnage of it weekly anyways), I decided to hit up Brado’s for their infamous Poutine Pizza.

Poutine Pizza from Brados
Poutine Pizza from Brados

The Poutine Pizza (or their Canadian Special as they sometimes call it) is a gut busting sadness nugget consisting of crust, creme cheese, french fries, more cheese and gravy. I do not know what the caloric intake of this beast was nor do I have any desire to ever find out.

All I know is my though process through the eating stage was something like this:

Once Slice In: “Hey, this is tasty.”

Second Slice: “Tasty, but kind of filling. Probably don’t need to eat much more of this…”

Third Slice: “Full. Feel a little sick. Stop eating now.”

Fourth Slice: “I hate me. Please stop eating.”

Fifth Slice: …..

Anyways: Good pizza. If you have self control issues (and you’re eating for one), maybe just order a small.

Poutine Pizza
Good till the last bite…

Brado’s Pizza
1399 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Just Eat Page

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