Taco Tuesday – Rinconcito Salvadoreno

Rinconcito Salvadoreno Tacos

Happy Belated Turkey Day.

A quick post as I am lazy and still full from leftovers.

Rinconcito Salvadoreno is a little place on Commercial Drive that is known for their authentic pupusas (not served till after four).  Pupusas are a Salvadorean dish, made from a corn tortilla stuffed with your favourite things (cheese, beans, and/or pork). Rinconcito Salvadoreno makes these lovely little goodness packages by hand. Served, they remind me of a stack of pancakes if the pancakes were made of pork and cheese and tortilla. So vastly superior to pancakes actually.

Rinconcito Salvadoreno Pupusas

But this is Taco Tuesday, so I’m going to suggest that before you buy yourself a stack of pupusas, get some tacos. Why not? You work hard and are probably a good person. I don’t really know you, but either way, I’m not going to judge. Get some tacos. You probably deserve it.

The tacos here are simple, cheap (3 for $6), and delicious. You got a choice from chicken, steak, pork, fish, vegetarian, and chorizo.  Last time, I went with the chorizo, and besides the meat, there was only a little onion, cilantro, and lemon juice. However, when the tacos are this good, that’s all you’re going to need.

Rinconcito Salvadoreno chorizo tacos

Nicely charred and super tasty, I probably could have eaten about a dozen of these. Luckily, there were the pupusas still to go…

Rinconcito Salvadoreno pupusas

So, Rinconcito Salvadoreno: Highly recommend. Make sure you go after 4pm so you can get some pupusas as well. Also, bring cash. No credit card/debit/barter is accepted.

Rinconcito Salvadoreno
2779 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC
No Website Available

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