Breaking Bad Blue Meth Ice Cream

Breaking Bad Ice Cream Crystal Blue Persuasion
That’s 92 percent.

Okay, so: Breaking Bad. Best Show Evah. We all know this right?  You can make an argument that it’s only in the  all time top five, but seriously: It’s the best and much better than we deserve.

So, the finale is this weekend. What are you going to eat to smother the sadness that it’s over? What are you going to use to salve the pain when the final bit of drama goes pear shaped? What are you going to do?

Blue Meth Ice Cream. That is the answer to all of your whats.

And this is how you make it:

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The Poutine Burger @ The Cannibal Cafe

Poutine Burger The Cannibal Cafe Vancouver

Or, La Burger Cannibale Poutinesca, for fancy French people

The Poutine Burger is the latest *short lived* offering from Cannibal Cafe, my favourite burger joint in Vancouver.

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The (kinda) Famous Anaconda @ The Factory

The Anaconda sandwich at the Factory on Granville
The Anaconda @ the Factory

Waiting to see the World’s End (single line review: “Best capper to the Cornetto trilogy possible and exceeded all (high) expectations.”. For a longer (and better analysis), Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest is the guy to go to both here and here. You really should go see it.) we popped into the Factory on Granville for a couple pre-movie beers and food. And the Famous Anaconda…

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The World’s End and the Failed Cornetto Beer Float Experiment

The Cornetto (or Drumstick) Beer Float Experiment that went poorly.
Cornetto Beer Float Experiment

To say I was looking forward to the World’s End would be an understatement. Been rewatching Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and I’m getting excited to finally catch the capper to the Cornetto Trilogy (or is it the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy?)

Anyways, random food experiment:  I’ve heard a few people talk recently about making Beer Floats and this seemed like a decent enough time to try it out.

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Bogy’s Wall of Fame Challenge Burger

Bogy's Wall of Fame Challenge Burger
Bogy’s Wall of Fame Challenge Burger

Also known as:

the Biggest Burger I Ever Attempted to Fit in My Mouth

Bogy’s Gastropub is a pretty decent place to grab a beer after work or golf (it’s connected to the Sunrise Executive Golf Course in Cloverdale). Awesome during the spring and summer as they have a big old patio to drink and gorge.

However, it will always have a special place in my heart as the home of the Biggest Burger I Ever Attempted to Fit in My Mouth.  Yes, it is bigger than the 2lb Two Parrot Burger and Way Way bigger than the Quadruple Bypass Burger from the Heart Attack Grill.

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Festival de la Poutine 2.0

La Belle Patate Poutine
La Belle Patate Poutine – Festival De La Poutine

So, through a comedy of errors, I accidentally ended up with an extra ticket to the Festival de la Poutine last Saturday. Normally, not an issue, but with each ticket, you also get a free serving of poutine from La Belle Patate.

Most normal people would shrug this off. Me, being an idiot, thought it was a good idea to try to eat both servings.

Festival De La Poutine 2013
Why would I do this to myself…?

Like I said: I’m not very smart.

The Festival, held at Heritage Hall on Main Street, is split into time periods: Day and Night. I was there for the daytime stretch, which was pretty low-key. Besides the serving from La Belle Patate, there wasn’t much else going on. Just many friendly staffers, a long line of poutine hungry festival goers, and a t-shirt/tattoo stand.

The Night shift apparently has the live music and ‘alternative’ poutine tastings. This is all stated very clearly on all of the Festival’s literature, so I really don’t have any one to blame except myself.

Overall, the poutine was excellent. They had a Build Your Own table staffed by super friendly volunteers. (For my first serving, I went with Poutine plus Bacon, Mushrooms, and Onions. Second serving was Green Peppers, Onions, and Jalapenos.)

Will happily return next year, but maybe I’ll have to make sure to check out the evening’s festivities instead…

La Belle Patat- Festival De La Poutine 2013
…but sooo goood.

Why I Love America, Reason #34: The Iron Skillet

I mean, just look at it…

Sweet, sweet gravy. Biscuit and Country Gravy - Iron Skillet, WA
Biscuit and Country Gravy – Iron Skillet, WA

Portions are not a problem here.

On a recent trip to Portland, we stopped off at the Iron Skillet in Sedro-Woolley. Our attention was grabbed by a road side sign stating “Good Food, Lousy Service”.  The food was good. The service was actually pretty good as well.

I had the Biscuit and Gravy + Two Eggs & Meat for $7.99.

Iron Skillet Breakfast
Bacon, Eggs, Biscuit, Gravy, Heart Attack

Yup. All of that for $7.99. Tasted pretty great too. Of course, the heaviness of the meal pretty much put me out for the count for the rest of the day. I could have very happily gone to sleep immediately after I put the fork down.

Heartily recommend. Just don’t expect to do anything super active right after.