Taco Tuesday- Tacofino Food Truck (Drunkish Edition)

Fish Taco Tacofino Food Truck

So, from a fun evening (and checking the metadata on the pic):

Time: 8:54pm October 26th, 2013.

Place: Tacofino Food Truck at Britannia Centre during the Parade of Lost Souls

Taco: Fish Taco(?) I’m pretty sure it was the one with crispy ling cod, cabbage and chipotle mayo.

Taste: I really don’t remember as I may have been a little messy from a drinking a few of the Beerbarians at the Storm Crow earlier in the evening. But It was from Tacofino, so I’m going to assume that it was good, albeit a little messy.

Tacofino Food Truck

Check their website for  locations.

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