Taco Tuesday – Taco Star Chili Bar

Taco Trio Beef @ Taco Star Chili Bar
Taco Trio Beef @ Taco Star Chili Bar

Taco Star Chili Bar is a relatively new eatery located in that mini-food court type storefront on Commercial and Kitchener (y’know, the place with the Poutine Pizza).

Taco Star Chili BarThe above tacos, the Taco Trio Beef, goes for $9.99 and, overall, they’re pretty tasty. The beef is tangy and spicy and the cheese is, well, tangy and spicy too. And pretty much the consistency  of nuked Cheez Whiz. But I like nuked Cheez Whiz, so this works for me.  Throw in some jalapenos and salsa and you have a nice, no nonsense taco.

Not going to win any awards for originality, but when in my head, when I think “Golly, I am slightly peckish and would love to cram some tacos down my gullet to make the voices stop”, these are the kind of tacos I would happily grab.

Also! They have deep fried Mars Bars, Oreo’s, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on the premises. What’s not to like?

Beef Taco @ Taco Star Chil Bar Commercial Drive Vancouver
Beef Taco @ Taco Star Chil Bar

Taco Star Chili Bar. Go there and shove some tacos in your mouth.

And did I mention they deliver?

Taco Star Chili Bar
1399 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC

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