Bacon Bowl @ Adeline’s

Bacon Bowl at Adeline's on Commercial Drive
The Bowl is the Bacon. The Bacon is the Bowl. There is no Spoon.

I just want to say: If you’re going to have bacon, eggs, and home fries, why not add extra bacon by CONSTRUCTING THE INSTRUMENT OF DELIVERY OUT OF BACON?

It’s Genius, really. And not that fake kind of genius that Louis C.K. talks about. No. This is capital G Genius.

Adeline’s Cafe on Commercial Drive. They need no website, so check out their facebook page instead. And get a bowl made out of bacon.

Why I Love America, Reason #34: The Iron Skillet

I mean, just look at it…

Sweet, sweet gravy. Biscuit and Country Gravy - Iron Skillet, WA
Biscuit and Country Gravy – Iron Skillet, WA

Portions are not a problem here.

On a recent trip to Portland, we stopped off at the Iron Skillet in Sedro-Woolley. Our attention was grabbed by a road side sign stating “Good Food, Lousy Service”.  The food was good. The service was actually pretty good as well.

I had the Biscuit and Gravy + Two Eggs & Meat for $7.99.

Iron Skillet Breakfast
Bacon, Eggs, Biscuit, Gravy, Heart Attack

Yup. All of that for $7.99. Tasted pretty great too. Of course, the heaviness of the meal pretty much put me out for the count for the rest of the day. I could have very happily gone to sleep immediately after I put the fork down.

Heartily recommend. Just don’t expect to do anything super active right after.