Taco Tuesday – El Pulgarcito De America Restaurante

El Pulgarcito De America Restaurante

Putting El Pulgarcito De America Restaurante through Google Translate, it roughly comes out as The Thumb of America Restaurant. At first, I thought this was a mistranslation, but nope. Turns out that El Salvador was sometimes referred to as America’s ‘Tom Thumb’.  Learn something new everyday.


El Pulgarcito De America is located on East Hastings , in the area that I guess we are all now supposed to refer to as ‘the East Village’. (Yay for rebranding?).

It’s one of those great place that server pretty authentic Salvadorean food as well as serve as an outlet for those Latin food stuffs that you won’t be able to pick up at the local Price Smart.

El Pulgarcito De America

I grabbed some Taquitos de Carnitos there the other day. Super tasty pork served with chimol salsa, which gave the pork a bit of tangy tart taste that was awfully nice.

The three taquitos ran me only $7.50, which was pretty nice and made it tempting to grab some more.

El Pulgarcito De America Restaurante
2522 E Hastings St, Vancouver
No Website

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