The Poutine Burger @ The Cannibal Cafe

Poutine Burger The Cannibal Cafe Vancouver

Or, La Burger Cannibale Poutinesca, for fancy French people

The Poutine Burger is the latest *short lived* offering from Cannibal Cafe, my favourite burger joint in Vancouver.

Here’s the description:

Our juicy 6oz, house ground beef patty, gravy, garlic aioli, french fries, curds, applewood smoked bacon, Canadian cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and onion served on our soft brioche bun.

And holy shit, is it good. Put it in your mouth and chew. Then take a nap, because you are done. Best part of the burger for me (besides being able to order it medium rare, which is kinda, um, rare, in BC) was the gravy. It tasted like that nice meaty roast beef au jus type stuff. Loved it.

*It’s short lived due to it being the restaurant’s entry in Le Burger Week, a week long, nation wide francophone challenge to find the best burger in Canada. Currently, The Cannibal Cafe is running third in Vancouver. You should go check out the burger before the polls close on the 7th, cuz then it’s gone…. until they decide to bring it back.

Which I hope is soon.

Really soon.

Seriously. Really soon.


Cannibal Cafe Poutine Burger
This is 10 bucks. How can you not eat them?

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