Thanksgiving is a little early


Checked out Whole Food’s Annual Taste of Thanksgiving, which is basically a show and taste of their fall product line (and the proceeds went to Kits Neighborhood House, so that’s a good thing).

For ten bucks a person, this is what we got:

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Breaking Bad Blue Meth Ice Cream

Breaking Bad Ice Cream Crystal Blue Persuasion
That’s 92 percent.

Okay, so: Breaking Bad. Best Show Evah. We all know this right?  You can make an argument that it’s only in the  all time top five, but seriously: It’s the best and much better than we deserve.

So, the finale is this weekend. What are you going to eat to smother the sadness that it’s over? What are you going to use to salve the pain when the final bit of drama goes pear shaped? What are you going to do?

Blue Meth Ice Cream. That is the answer to all of your whats.

And this is how you make it:

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Food Truck Friday- Mogu Japanese Street Eats

Mogu Japanese Street Eats

Fried chicken is a lovely thing. Karaage, the Japanese styled fried chicken, is even better. Well, maybe not better, but for some reason the taste profile, with the soy sauce and ginger, tastes a little brighter. Brighter in my brain tends to read healthier.

So, the rough math my lizard brain is processing is that this fried chicken is healthier and less shameful. It’s science, so it must be true.

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The Poutine Burger @ The Cannibal Cafe

Poutine Burger The Cannibal Cafe Vancouver

Or, La Burger Cannibale Poutinesca, for fancy French people

The Poutine Burger is the latest *short lived* offering from Cannibal Cafe, my favourite burger joint in Vancouver.

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