The Italian @ the Score on Davie

Crazy Caesar The Italian from the Score on Davie
The Italian

I’m not going to say much about this, but I would like to note that pretty much every variation I’ve seen of the Caesar online and in print, I’ve never seen onion rings included as a garnish.

The Italian, is one of the trio of spicy Caesar’s from the Score on Davie. It included chorizo sausage, pepperoni, Bocconcino cheese,  peppers, onion rings, and, of course, a pickled green bean.

That being said: the Score on Davie is a lovely place to spend a early weekday afternoon, playing board games and drinking Caesars that double as small meals.

There’s another one there with Hot wings attached. I need to try this as well. For science. It is very important. For science.

The Italian Caesar from Score on Davie
The Italian

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