2lb Burger @ Two Parrots

2 lb Burger @ Two Parrots Perch & Grill Burger Challenge
Dear God….

A rainy, pissy day in Vancouver. Took shelter in Two Parrots and ordered the 2lb Burger (probably closer to 5lbs if you include all the accoutrements).

Two Parrots Perch & Grill (their website appears to be down. You can check out their Yelp page here) is located on the corner of Granville and Davie. I’ve know them mostly for karaoke and quick drinks in the afternoon, but I was curious about their 2lb burger. It’s sorta advertised on their front door, but not listed at all on their menu.

Dissected Two Parrots 2 lb Burger
I will Break You

The cost of this behemoth is $25.99. If you are able to eat it in under an hour, without any trips to the washroom, it’s on the house. Apparently, only 25 folks have been able to do this so far.

The thing is bigger than my damn head. And it’s a tasty beast. Three plate sized patties, a loaf of bread, melted cheese, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and garlicky pickles.  I would very happily eat this burger again, providing it was a much, much smaller version.

Burger Challenge at Two Parrots

I did not finish it. The leftovers weighed heavy in my bag for the rest of the day.

It sits in the refrigerator, waiting.

It will be my sustenance for the remainder of the week.


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