Street Eats- The Daily Catch

The Daily Catch

The Daily Catch is a pretty swell fish shop on Commercial Drive. They opened last year and have been the go to spot for picking up fresh sustainable ocean critters in East Van.  They also have a food truck that tends to be parked outside their shop (apparently, they were planning on being parked at Grandview Park, but there were some issues. Hopefully, those issues could be resolved soon-ish, as the park would probably be a better location for them).

As for the food:


Daily Catch Halibut Taco
Halibut Taco

Crisp bit of batter covering a buttery bit of halibut. Nice spicy sauce. Very favourite thing I ate there.

Bacon Oyster Sliders!

Bacon Oyster Slider - The Daily Catch

Honestly, I didn’t really care for this. However, since I’m not really that big of a fan of fried oysters, that fault may entirely be my own. If you like your oysters fried, give em a shot. There’s a nice bit of thick crispy bacon in there too.

Fish and Chips!

The Daily Catch- Fish and Chips
Cod and Chips

Really nice bit of cod in that beer batter. Cooked perfectly and it totally did that whole ‘melt in your mouth thing’ that people seem to like.  Also comes in halibut and salmon form.

Wish I got a picture of their selection of vinegar. There was bacon, chipotle, caper, jalapeno, and quite a few others. I kinda wanted to just do a sampling of those by themselves. But that would have been strange and odd.

All in all:

Reasonably priced, tasty, quality seafood. You should go there and put all of the things in your mouth.

The Daily Catch
1418 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC

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