Denny’s Baconalia

Or, The First Time I ever ate at a Denny’s Sober

Having time to kill before catching Iron Man Three (which is pretty damn awesome, you should see it, and Shane Black needs to write and direct more movies thank you), we grabbed lunch at Denny’s.

“Grabbing Lunch at Denny’s” is a pretty new experience for me to be honest. In the past, the only times I’ve ever really darkened the doorstep of the bright yellow franchise was late at night/early morning after a substantial quantity of alcohol was drunk.  Denny’s, to me, was a fluorescently lit landscape of sallow, pale faced customers and sad waitresses, seen through a slowly diminishing haze of alcoholic stupor.

Yay words.

So, lunch.  We saw this sign and decided that this was going to be way to go:

Baconalia sign
Beware All Ye Who Enter…

Baconalia (whatever that means) seems to consist of their regular menu, but with bacon added to it.  If there was already bacon involved in the dish, they’ve added more.

First up:

BBQ Bacon Mac n Cheese bites

BBQ Bacon Mac n Cheese Bites

These were actually pretty tasty, but the more I ate, the worse I felt about myself.  I stopped at two balls. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

The jack cheese cheese sauce with bacon bits was a little too rich for me, but the BBQ sauce was awfully nice.

Then, for the main entree:

The Ultimate Bacon Breakfast

Ultimate Bacon Breakfast

So, yeah. This is pretty much bacon and eggs, but with extra bacon.  If you like bacon and eggs, well, you will like this.

And then for dessert:

The Maple Bacon Sundae

Now, I’ll say this: I’ve always been of the impression that Bacon will make any meal better.

Apparently, I was wrong.

It was a tasty sundae to be sure, but the cold chunks of bacon mixed up in the ice cream was a little off-putting. Also, the two inches of pure Maple syrup at the bottom of the glass was enough to make my teeth hurt.

So, yup. That was my sober Denny’s meal.  Food was very much in the ‘ok’ camp. Service was good though.

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