Red Bull Jelly Doughnut

Red Bull Jelly and Pop Rock Doughnut

The World’s Worst Doughnut (trademark pending)

Just to get this out of the way: I am not suggesting you try this doughnut. It is bad.  I ate one an hour ago and my teeth are still hurting and I’m vibrating slightly.

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The Stalking Dead @ The Cellar

The Stalking Dead- Sin Peaks Presents

Watched this at the The Cellar last night.

Sin Peaks- An ongoing Comedic Soap Opera Improv group (actually, it’s a little difficult finding info on them. Their webpage has them still performing a different theme at the Waldorf from last year) that is currently playing every night downtown at the Cellar.

Completely improvised, the show consists of short vignettes featuring the cast of a Zombie Apocalypse Soap Opera. I’d say more, but honestly, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. It’s a helluva lotta fun.

Admission is only 10 bucks and the bar runs a few good drink specials ($3.75 Pilsners!). They’re apparently only running with this theme for the next 3 Mondays. After that, they’ll be going with a Mobster Soap theme.

Highly recommend. Go support some Vancouver talent. What else are you going to do on a Monday night?


Fray On Fraser

FRAY on FRASER » Page not found. << Radio silence has begun.

Really sad. Only had a chance to eat there the once, but loved it a lot. Excellent, fun food with a good atmosphere. Spent most of the evening playing movie trivia, drawing tattoos on the Henry Rollin’s place mat, and eating a damn fine burger.

According to a message on their facebook page (which now appears to be taken down), the closure is due to a ‘partnership dispute’.

Hopefully, whatever the issues are, they can be settled amicably and get the restaurant opened again.

Bacon Bowl @ Adeline’s

Bacon Bowl at Adeline's on Commercial Drive
The Bowl is the Bacon. The Bacon is the Bowl. There is no Spoon.

I just want to say: If you’re going to have bacon, eggs, and home fries, why not add extra bacon by CONSTRUCTING THE INSTRUMENT OF DELIVERY OUT OF BACON?

It’s Genius, really. And not that fake kind of genius that Louis C.K. talks about. No. This is capital G Genius.

Adeline’s Cafe on Commercial Drive. They need no website, so check out their facebook page instead. And get a bowl made out of bacon.

Golden Plates 2013 | Georgia Straight

Golden Plates 2013 | Georgia Straight.

confusedman-mdLooking at this exhaustive list, all I can say is: Really?

Earl’s is on that list a whole lotta times, along with Cactus Club (Best Salad and Appetizer?) and the Boathouse. Really?

Granville Island for best local     microbrewery and beer. REALLY?

Best Burger is Vera’s, Fatburger, White Spot? REALLY? (Ok, I’ll give them Romer’s, as they are pretty damn good. No Splitz or Cannibal Cafe though?)

Best Chicken is Nando’s? WTF?

I mean, some of the calls I get and make sense. There are some seriously good restaurants and pubs on the list and I’m happy for them (Yay St.Augistine’s, Biercraft, and Havana’s), but holy shit. In a food centric town like Vancouver, there is some seriously weak ass bullshit on this list.

Or I could just be talking out of my ass again.