Golden Plates 2013 | Georgia Straight

Golden Plates 2013 | Georgia Straight.

confusedman-mdLooking at this exhaustive list, all I can say is: Really?

Earl’s is on that list a whole lotta times, along with Cactus Club (Best Salad and Appetizer?) and the Boathouse. Really?

Granville Island for best local     microbrewery and beer. REALLY?

Best Burger is Vera’s, Fatburger, White Spot? REALLY? (Ok, I’ll give them Romer’s, as they are pretty damn good. No Splitz or Cannibal Cafe though?)

Best Chicken is Nando’s? WTF?

I mean, some of the calls I get and make sense. There are some seriously good restaurants and pubs on the list and I’m happy for them (Yay St.Augistine’s, Biercraft, and Havana’s), but holy shit. In a food centric town like Vancouver, there is some seriously weak ass bullshit on this list.

Or I could just be talking out of my ass again.

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