Food Truck Friday- Mogu Japanese Street Eats

Mogu Japanese Street Eats

Fried chicken is a lovely thing. Karaage, the Japanese styled fried chicken, is even better. Well, maybe not better, but for some reason the taste profile, with the soy sauce and ginger, tastes a little brighter. Brighter in my brain tends to read healthier.

So, the rough math my lizard brain is processing is that this fried chicken is healthier and less shameful. It’s science, so it must be true.

Mogu Japanese Street Eats
I wish I had better picture of this.

Anyways, all my mental issues aside: Mogu has some of the best karaage in town. And they serve it from a truck. Which just makes it even better (<<<<once again, science). Also, you have to (seriously, have to) love a truck with a chicken eating Godzilla painted on the side.

Their sandwiches are decent too. But seriously, its about the chicken. My only complaint is that the pieces are a little too big, and the fork is a flimsy bit of wood, so I normally end up with chicken juice on my face.

Mmmm…chicken juice.

They’re normally pushing their wares at Howe and Dunsmuir. Go put their chicken in your mouth.

Mogu Karaage
Karaage from Mogu



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