Parks and Recreation Mac N Cheese Pizza

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza!

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza


Catching up with the Parks and Rec episodes on the DVR the other night, I saw this:

Coincidentally, most of the leftover in our fridge would pretty much make this horrible, horrible thing. So, yeah. We did that. Because it seemed like a good idea.

Yeah, my brain doesn’t work too good sometimes…

Actually, it wasn’t that bad. One slice of this Pita bread pizza is pretty much enough for a meal, so with the two pizzas between the two of us, we’ve got enough congealed leftover pizza in the fridge to last another day or so.

Kinda recommend if you just want to eat your feelings some night and don’t have any plans to do anything early the next morning.

Monstrosity Recipe Time!


1 Box of Macaroni and Cheese
2 Tbps of milk
2 Tbps of butter
2 Pita Bread shells
1-2 cups of cheddar cheese
1 cups of marinara sauce
2 links of Italian sausage
1 red bell pepper (chopped)
1 Jalapeno pepper(finely diced) (optional)

Preheat oven to 375

Cook your box of Mac n cheese according to the directions on the box (using the milk and butter for the cheese powder mix. Mmm… cheese powder mix.)
Slice up your Italian sausage (ow) and fry up in a pan. Remove to a paper lined plate to drain once done.

And there. That’s pretty much all of the cooking your going to do. Now, assemble your pizza. Spread a cup of marinara on each pita bread. Put as much macaroni and cheese as you would like on each bread. Distribute the sausage and peppers to each bread as well. Cover the whole mess with a cup of cheeses.

Throw the mess on a baking sheet and cook for about 10 minutes, keeping an eye on the pies to make sure they don’t burn.

Remove from oven (really?), slice up and serve.

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza
Actually, not that bad…

Feel the shame.

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