Bacon Bourbon

A while back, I attempted some Bacon Bourbon. These pictures show the attempt:

First- Slowly fry up 4 to 5 slices of bacon. You’re looking to get about 2 ounces of rendered bacon fat. I would using quality bacon. The stuff below is some nasty President’s Choice Smoked stuff that I had in the fridge. You will really notice a difference in the quality depending on the bacon you use.

Cooking Bacon for the fat
Bacon, Giving up the Fat

Use 350 ml of Bourbon. I’ve gone with a cheap bottle of Jim Beam for this, as I didn’t want to go with any of my pricier stuff.

Jim Beam Bourbon
Jim Beam- Probably Not a Good Idea

Mix the cooled fat with the bourbon in a jar. Let it sit for a while. (I let it sit for about four hours. Gave it shake every once in a while to mix it up). Chuck it in the freezer for an hour then to solidify the fat.

Bourbon and the Bacon Fat
Mmmm…bacon fat.

Once you have done this (and recoiled in horror at the solid bacon fat floating in your drink…Christ, it’s kind of like when the demons went all solid at the end of Evil Dead 2, isn’t it?), strain the bourbon off into another jar. Discard the bacon fat. OR! perhaps you can use it to cook some eggs. Whatever floats your boat.

Bacon Bourbon
Bourbon Bacon. Just add garnish

And there you go… Bacon Bourbon.

A quick note: As I mentioned earlier, the quality of the ingredients make a world of difference. If you use a shitty bacon and a shitty bourbon, you’re not going to suddenly get a great Bacon Bourbon.

The next time I try this, I will splurge on better quality bacon and booze. Cuz the idea of this drink is too good to settle for the mediocre.

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