Community’s Last Supper?

I unabashedly love Community. The first three seasons were some of my most favourite television ever. I own the box sets. I watch them repeatedly on Netflix.  I am very aware that I may have a problem.

I have mixed feelings regarding the fourth season. After Dan Harmon’s departure, the show seemed to really struggle to find its voice. The first handful of episodes were almost painful to watch.  The new show-runners appeared to try a little too hard to capture the tone of the previous seasons and it just felt forced.

I continued watching mostly because Community has one of the best comedic casts on television. Period. And even if the material wasn’t exactly hitting the high points from the previous seasons, they were still worth watching.

However, the last few episodes were actually, surprisingly, pretty good. And good enough that I actually kinda want to see where they are going to go with the show.

Hopefully, tonight’s episode won’t be the end of the Greendale 7 (or, um, I guess the Greendale 6 now that Chevy Chase has officially left the show).  I will be watching with buttered noodles and vodka on the rocks.


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