Taco Tuesday – The Dime’s 99¢ Tacos

The Dime Tuesday Tacos Taking a pretty literal interpretation of Taco Tuesday comes The Dime’s 99¢ Tuesday Taco special.  Forget your double layer soft corn tortillas, your pickled onions and queso fresco cheese. No, these are your Mom’s tacos.

Growing up, Taco nights were awesome. Mom would put out dishes of ground beef (seasoned with Mexican(?)Spice Mix), chopped lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, a big plate of Old El Paso hard shell tacos. Sure, they weren’t authentic,(which, really- once you start going down the rabbit hole of what is considered ‘authentic’, it’s kind of hard to stop), but they were tasty as all get out.

Well, on Tuesday’s the Dime on Commercial Drive recreates the home experience (albeit with more beer and in a darkish, loudish room) with their Taco special. All taco’s are 99¢. Which is a pretty good price considering your going to be eating a shitload of them.

Are they remotely healthy? No.

Are they really all that good? Kinda.

But at that price, and with a steady flow of beer and good music, who gives a shit?

Go down to the Dime on a Tuesday. Have a few beers, stuff a dozen tacos down your throat and pretend your a kid again. A older, drunker kid, full of cheap tacos.

The Dime on Commercial Drive Tacos

The Dime (Tacos on Tuesday’s Only)
1565 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

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